Getting A Run Number at GAA

To register your vehicles, contact our Vehicle Registration Department at (336) 299-7777, ext. 2119 or 2505, or follow the link below. We offer dealerships many options to sell here at GAA.

Start Times

Lanes 1-6 are all reserved for dealer consignment vehicles.

10:30am: Lanes 3-6

10:45am: Lanes 1 & 2

Looking to Sell at GAA?

Register a Vehicle

Lane 1 – 3 Information

Lanes 1 & 2: First Come First Serve.

Lane 3: Rotation

Dealer Rotation Notes:

  • Dealer agrees to run each week.
  • Minimum of 1/Maximum of *10 reservations.
    *If more than 10 reservations requested, numbers will be split in more than 1 group and will not run consecutively.

  • Dealer must use at least half of reservations weekly to remain in Rotation Lane.

  • Dealer is responsible for cancelling unused numbers.

Numbers are non-transferrable accept by companies with a common majority ownership.

Dealer will be given 5 off weeks; New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a vacation week of dealers’ choosing. Dealer is responsible for letting Vehicle Registration know when using any of these options.

Lane 4 – 6 Information

Lane 4: Set Lane

  • Drivers Auto Sales
  • Direct Dodge
  • Mountaineer Auto
  • T & K Enterprises

Lane 5: Dealer Lane. Numbers earned by % sold based on a 4 week rolling basis

Lane 6: Franchise Dealer Lane. Numbers earned by % sold based on a 4 week rolling basis

Percentages are figured on a four week rolling average.

  • Example A: Jim’s Used Cars sold 88%, 92%, 100% and 80% in four consecutive weeks so his average over those four weeks would be 90%
  • Example B: ABC Cars sold 91% and 83% for two of the four weeks, his average is 87%

The higher the percentage the better the lane position or the more likely your request will be granted.

*Reservations not used must be cancelled by Monday 1:00pm, before Wednesday’s sale, to avoid not used/not cancelled fee of $25.00 per Lane/Lot#